Concept LED Watch

Sun, Sep 18, 2011

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Concept  LED Watch

A watch that everyone would like and relate to. The design is veryle, black case and bracelet with an array of square LEDs, with a logo on the face consisting of Tokyoflash or Pimp. Along the top there are 24 half hour sections, instead of one light for the hour, there are now two and 30 LED squares to show the minutes.  So if there are two hour lights showing, this means it is a full hour, if there is 1 light showing, it means it is a half hour.  If there is a half hour, you must then count the sections of minute lights to add up the time which is simple because it is arranged into 5 lines of LED.   Technology innovation Concept  LED Watch

Designer Calvin from UK. Technology innovation Concept  LED WatchTechnology innovation Concept  LED Watch Technology innovation Concept  LED Watch  Technology innovation Concept  LED Watch

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